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November 25, 2008

Dream Catcher

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I dream of everyone on the planet having enough food to eat, shelter from the elements and hope for the future. I dream of peace among all people.

In Which Hubby Gets A Job

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Hubby has a job–an actual get-up-in-the-morning, get-paid-regularly job.  I found the job listing online one day when it dawned on me that the Texas Legislature will be convening in January.  I remembered that they always need proofreaders.  Hubby is one of the best proofreaders I’ve ever known.  He’s had a series of eight interviews, most of them running about ninety minutes.  Today they called and offered employment.  I’ll bet you can hear my sigh of relief.

Best yet, it’s a job where they value the contribution Hubby can make.  It has to make him feel much, much better about himself.  Of course, I hope he’ll make some contacts or prove himself invaluable to the team, which continues on even when the Legislature folds up its tent and goes home.

Crazy Land takes an enormous toll on me.  Owner announces every day (usually more than once a day) that we’re closing down any minute.  I’m not crazy or stupid, I see the instability of world markets and the long, steady decline of computer-related products.  Nonetheless, having Owner essentially beat us over the head with dire predictions leaves us all in a state of almost unbearable anxiety.

There was yet another emergency shareholder meeting yesterday, during which Owner handed out articles proclaiming the end of the computer world as we know it.  I have no idea why he would do that.  We’re not losing money (not yet, anyway).  We have projects in the works and new purchase orders.  Let’s by all means shut the company down right now.

I’m very busy still and it cuts into my own job search time.  Owner will be out of the office tomorrow.  I expect a quiet day, so I hope to make some progress then.

For right now, though, I can relax a tiny bit, maybe enough for my colon to stop hurting.  IBS pain started several weeks ago, due to my high anxiety level.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor annoyance.  The pain is nonexistent compared to the level of hurt I’ve endured during the past three years.  Still.  It would be nice to experience pain-free for a while.

Hubby’s job starts in two weeks.  If I weren’t such a solitary creature, I’d throw a party for him.

November 21, 2008

Owner Meltdown

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Even Crazy Land has its moments.  I was unaccountably in high spirits today and spread cheer around the office.  My mood improved when seafood lunch was provided for all by aforementioned Crazy Land.  God knows I deserve it.  Well, we probably all do, except for Golf Pro.  Golf Pro, of course, was not here.  Though Owner would say he’s working hard, the rest of us know he’s working hard on a beer by now.

It’s been a deadly week, with Owner having a mental meltdown all over me.  I’m empathic, you know, so all lost souls and lunatics naturally gravitate to me.  When they leave, my mind and body have absorbed whatever manifestation of nuttiness they carry with them.  Owner was having a panic attack, quit taking tranquilizers two weeks ago, has stopped taking thyroid medication and, on that day, hadn’t eaten anything by mid-afternoon.  After his endless monologue, he felt much better.  Me, not so much.

Mr. Moneybags is looking for another job.  He can’t take it anymore.  What a weenie.  I’ve withstood the onslaught of Crazy Land for around 15 years now (but who’s counting).

Let’s see, does that make me stupider or stronger?

November 17, 2008

Golf Pro’s Crisis

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Hubby’s looking for a job; I’m looking for a job.  The entire world is looking for a job.  While looking, while working, I’m obsessed with the multitude of Senate and House hearings and subcommittee hearings.  I’ve learned a lot, enough to enrage me.  Rage, however, doesn’t result in employment potential.  Oddly enough, when detailing my professional goals, wreaking vengeance on the architects of our global crisis most likely will result in no calls.  Such a pity.  I do spiteful so well.

Here in Crazy Land, we thrive on anxiety.  Golf Pro, who is overpaid beyond belief, visits the accounting department, demanding to know what the future holds.  He has a family, you know.  None of the rest of us have any responsibilities.  We’d all love to know what the future holds.  Hello.  There is great uncertainty in life, especially these days.

Now for a little background on Golf Pro.  He came to work here about a year after I did.  He was useless then and hasn’t felt the need to branch out in the 15 or so years he’s employed at Crazy Land.  He was supposed to be a salesman, but he has yet to make one single sale…ever.

His value to the company, I believe, lies in the fact that his step-father is a minority shareholder in the company.  Isn’t that fabulous?  That’s exactly the kind of qualifications needed to get and keep a key position in any company.  He’s better paid than any of us, short of Mr. Moneybags (don’t get me started) and the President.  We hate him.

Without exception, we all hate him.  He had a brief fling of “pal-ship” with Mr. Moneybags, but it didn’t take long for Bags to figure out just how staggeringly lazy and incompetent the Pro is.  Loathsome and he came dangerously close to fisticuffs several years ago.  I harbor secret fantasies that it came to fruition.  Though Pro is considerably younger, he is the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Loathsome could have kicked his pudgy butt in a matter of moments.  Let me be absolutely clear here.  Even after my five surgeries, three rounds of chemo and seven weeks of radiation in three years, even I could kick is ass.  Right now.

Crazy Land.  The fun never ends.  Anyone have a voodoo doll?  Office (and field) staff might be willing to contribute to a fund to get one.

November 11, 2008

Too Much Trouble To Even Kill Him

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I just found out how much Golf Pro makes (note that I did not say “earns”).  One of the many reasons why it’s best that I don’t own firearms.

Golf Pro works, on average, 10 hours a week and makes more money than anyone other than Mr. Moneybags.

As Bob Dylan said, though, “It’s a hard rain gonna fall” if Crazy Land goes away.  What does a 47 year old man do who hasn’t ever worked?  If you asked Golf Pro to define the word “work,” he wouldn’t be able to do it.  He has absolutely no marketable skills, but he does have attitude in abundance.  Golf Pro is an executive and demands that he be treated as such.  Well, he’s smart enough not to expect it from me.

I’m going to resume deep breathing and imagine myself contemplating the universe from the comfort of a hotel room in Santa Fe.  Ahhh.  Much better.

November 6, 2008

Wading Through High Waters

It took a while to slog through my dad’s anniversary.  Actually, I think I’m still wading through some sadness.

Hubby and I are on speaking terms again.  He’s been more helpful than usual, so I’m thinking that, at least for the time being, we’re on almost the same page.  Being on the same page is a bit much to ask, but having him on a quarter of the page I’m on is a huge improvement.

Crazy Land has been chewing up all of my discretionary, write in my blog time.  While IT Boy was on his honeymoon, I was the only recourse for Loathsome when his email went berserk.  He stalked into my office and asked me if I had a computer.  That is so Loathsome.  I made him cut to the chase and tell me what was happening.  You can’t imagine what a huge task it was to just get the basic facts out of him.  I was exhausted before I began.

I spent two days working on his computer, then I abandoned all hope.  I set his email up on another computer so Loathsome could function while we waited for the return of IT Boy.  A week into using that computer, it stopped running the accounting software.  Of course, everybody blamed Loathsome for the troubles.

IT Boy got back this past Monday and devoted three days to Loathsome’s email.  I understand that, as of yesterday afternoon, virtual memory has been restored and it’s stopped shutting itself down or freezing up.  I had correctly pinpointed the problem and I take some pride in the fact that IT Boy wasn’t able to waltz in and fix the problem immediately.

Yesterday I invited my Crazy Land cohorts to join me for a belated birthday celebration/thank you party.  Two days after issuing the invitation, I suddenly remembered that I’ve had several birthday parties when no one showed up.  Yes, it was a sad, sad childhood.  Nothing like setting yourself up to be hurt and disappointed…again.

Everyone but Golf Pro showed up, though,  and I was able to thank everyone for helping me get through three years of breast cancer hell.  It was actually better that Golf Pro was MIA.  Everyone is even more furious at him than usual.

I’m so happy to have 15 minutes to keep track of what’s going on, even if it’s on a very minimal basis.  I have to try to find a way to work this into my days, which continue to be far too busy.  I’m inventive.  I’ll just put me on my daily schedule.

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