Warrior Princess

May 1, 2010

Crazy Land, Part 57

Filed under: Crazy Land Redux — ggirl @ 5:47 pm

It must be me.  It can’t be by accident that my new job is as trying, in its own way, as Crazy Land.  I now work for the State, which speaks for itself.  However, just when I get a promotion and a new pal, the proverbial sky falls in.  Wait.  That’s too dramatic.

The manager over the department in which I work has now had four grievances filed against her.  My good friend, the attorney, was the culprit.  I don’t know the details of the grievances, but I do know she’s making no attempt to fight her megolamaniac tendencies.  She knows all, she has her stubby fingers in all.

My immediate supervisor was just promoted over a woman who’s had experience supervising every unit this job would manage.  My supervisor is in her forties, the other woman is probably in her sixties.  Were I the older one, I’d have been in touch with an attorney the second I heard the news of the selection.  Guess who picked.  That’s right, the stubby-fingered Grand Poohbah.

Meanwhile, I have something growing in my brain.  We found it months ago and now I get an mri every three months.  Fortunately, I’m so beaten down generally that I’m unable to work up much anxiety about it.  Oddly enough, I no longer feel anything about breast cancer developments.  I do as they tell me.

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