Warrior Princess

August 23, 2016

Seriously, Though, I’m Old

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gray wolf yawningNo quote today.  All quotes about getting old are of the inspirational ilk.  Please.

Looks like I’m re-upping with my personal trainer.  I’ve been training with him for 25 minutes a day 3 days a week.  I’m fine with that.  Yesterday we discussed my trepidation about a one hour session three days a week along with my usual two days of yoga.  I’m not giving up yoga.  He believes I can do it.

I said,”Hey, remember me?  I’m going to be 63 in 2 months.  I need recovery time.  You kick my butt every time I’m in here–and that’s great–but I’m going to be 63 in two months.  I don’t recover automatically.”

“After a while you’ll get used to it,” he tried to encourage me to spend some extra money.  He’s  clearly unfamiliar with the concept of old.  Also my obstinacy.

“Let me add that I’ve had a couple of rounds of strong chemo, extended radiation, a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  These events are exhausting, among other things.  The fatigue hangs around forever.”

He nodded his 30-year old head and said consolingly, “You’ve been through a lot.”

That’s it.  End of conversation.

There actually are some good things about being geriatric.  Not being able to work out at the level I once did is not one of them.  Listening to a veritable youngster trying to convince me I’m not old (thereby rubbing my face in my ever-diminishing abilities) is most assuredly not one.





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