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August 11, 2016

Return of the Jock, I Guess

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canstock16589291“Work out not because you hate your body, but because you love it.”  (I don’t know who said this, but yes, yes, yes!)

Several years ago, a friend of mine asked me, somewhat critically, when I became a jock.  Puzzling.  The idea that anyone would call me that is simply mind-boggling.

Until I was 18, I hated exercise.  I used every possible means to avoid it.  During required physical education classes, I refused to go in when it was my time to enter the basketball game.  Captains of the teams I was supposed to play on thought I was a moron.  Okay by me.  When softball season rolled around, I created an outfield so far out you could barely see me back there.  When we were up to bat, I always went to the back of the line.  Didn’t see much action.  Of course, part of the baseball thing was that I have virtually no depth perception, so I was constantly getting hit in the face with the ball.  Funny now, but not so much when my glasses were jammed into my face.

When I was 18, a boyfriend dumped me for a girl who was a ballerina.  I also read a bio about Zelda Fitzgerald (F. Scott’s wife), who began her ballerina training even older than I.  Stupid reasons, maybe, but I found my love for moving my body.

Since then aside from the worst days of chemo, I’ve pretty consistently been active in strength training, cardio, dance and (yes!) yoga.  I love/hate yoga, but I decided I need to develop some specific muscle groups to improve my practice.  I’m also aware that moving your body in different ways is really good for it.

So.  On Monday I joined a gym.  Today I got a personal trainer.  Just typing that word makes me laugh a little.  Let the fun begin.  I’m officially gung-ho.  Hurt is my middle name.  My yoga practice is going to thank me for this and I have a new opportunity to love and have compassion for this hard-working body of mine.

But no jocks in this room, baby.

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